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  • Do you know what's hidding in your pads?


    PESTICIDES: Conventional tampons contain pesticides: a whopping $2 billion is spent annually on pesticides to spray cotton crops.

    BACTERIA: In traditional pads, a plastic sheet is placed in between or under the pad for fear of leakage during menstruation, preventing air circulation in the woman's system. With the added combination of warmth and moisture from her flow, this area quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria growth and causes fermentation to take place, hence the reason those pads may have an unpleasant odor after use.


    CHEMICALS: Tampons and pads with odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances are virtually a chemical soup, laced with artificial colors, polyester, adhesives, polyethylene (PET), polypropylene (PP) and propylene glycol (PEG), contaminants linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, dryness and infertility.


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  • THE SOLUTION: Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins

    These specially designed, 100% chemical-free sanitary napkins include negative ion technology, which has been proven to balance PH levels, help protect against germs and bacteria, help reduce pain and inflammation, fight against vaginal irritation and infections and may reduce or eliminate unwanted odor.

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  • Our Life-Enhancing Products

    Healthy, natural alternatives to help you achieve your lifestyle goals!

    Cherish Pads

    Cherish Pads Absorb 10x MORE!

    Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins are designed with 8 layers of protection to help keep you dry. While ultra-thin, Cherish includes a super-absorbent and safe polymer that is up to 10 times more absorbent than conventional pads and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid!

    • Cherish Day Use (10pk) - for regular flow days

    • Cherish Night Use (8pk) - for heavy flow days

    • Cherish Overnight Use (7 pk) - for heaviest days

    • Cherish Panty Liners (30pk) - for light flow days

    • Cost Per Package Only $5 per package
    Nspire's Health Supplements

    Health and Wellness Nutraceuticals

    "...amazing, high-quality products using

    cutting-edge technology..."

    • MaxLife™ Prostate Care Plus, a complete prostate formula
    • Empower™ supports healthy testosterone levels for any man
    • Sweetest for Her™ for women suffering from sexual dysfunction
    • Taboo for him™ designed to maximize sexual health
    • Total Recall™ Memory Booster's contain 5 of the best known mental enhancers to brighten and restore brain power
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